All About Me

Hii Guyss..!!!

My name is Fathir Ahsan and i was born in Bandung,Febuary 13 2002.I live in Jalan Penyu No.48 Buah Batu Bandung.My hobby is otomotive because I loving a car and motorcycle.

Maybe that's all information about me.

Now I will tell you about my life!

Im one of student at SMA 3 Bandung.Before I went to high school, I went to junior high school 2 bandung.I have 2 brother,He is now a one of student at Universitas Parahyangan.He is a head of the departement of we back to my life,now im grade X Science 2 I have a lot of friends here.At SMA 3 Bandung you must obey the rule if you break the rules you will receive the sanctions.I have some friends who are in my class from grade IX he is Muhammad Zidan.He always help me if im in trouble.I have 10 best friend but they are in the other school.We are friends from grade VII we first meet at SMPN 2 Bandung,but we still communicate a lot.On the friday or saturday we always play together we always make a fun things that will we remember.

You maybe want to know where my parents work.My father working at Jakarta he is engineer and My mother is a Teacher at SMPN 2 Bandung.My parents is very busy because they have a high positions,thats why they never go back home earlier.

Maybe just that what can i say in this blog thank you for reading this blog^^


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