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Assessment rubric 2

The Reality Shows bring more Harm

Government Opening 1 Reality shows bring more negative than the positive, because children and teenage love.
Opposition Opening 1 Give us happiness, not every reality shows are bad. And if you know how to filter it, why you judge the reality show itself?
Government Opening 2 Parents cannot protect their child from TV shows. They have a lot of busy out of there.
Opposition Opening 2 Every shows is filtered by an association  or organization. They know what is good, bad, etc. So, reality shows is good for society.
Government Closing 1 Not all people know what's good or bad. There is very minim number of Reality Show that educated the watcher.
Opposition Closing 1 We're educational people. We can choose what shows we need. We can eliminated the negative impact.
Government Closing 2 Mostly children will become impacted with the reality shows. Then, they impact other children too.
Opposition Closing 2 If reality show gives positive and negative, wh…

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