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Youtube Affects To The Indonesian Young Generation 
Youtube is a big public video uploader in the world right now.As we know Youtube was a fenomenal video uploader.Some video was a great content but others was a trash content.We will take a example from youtuber Indonesian.
As we know youtuber Indonesian have a best people.Like a “Rezaoktovian”,”Tim2one”,”Eka Gustiwana”,”Raditya Dika” and many more.That person belongs to the young generation they can express the idea to the video and upload it on youtube.They can get a millions subscribers for a several years they can beat the eropan youtuber and the name of Indonesian.
Youtuber Indonesian can make a good content and beat the higher youtuber.Thats was a power of young generation they still have a most brilliant idea that make the content of the simple video was a very most interesting video.Indonesian have a very good young generation that make the name of the Indonesian was good in the world.We can motivate people from youtube,we ca…

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