New Friends

someday on SMAN 3 Bandung my class got new friend from SMAN 93 Jakarta,I want to know who is he and why he move to SMAN 3 Bandung.

Me : "Hi,What is your name?"
He : "My name is Iko,and you?"
Me : "Ohh,My name is Fathir,why you move to SMAN 3?"
He : "Because my parents got job in Bandung"
Me : "But why you choose SMAN 3 Bandung?"
He : "Because I heard here is the best Senior High School in Bandung,thats why i choose SMAN 3     Bandung"
Me : "Ohh,can you tell me about Jakarta?"
He : "Sure,Jakarta is the capital city,thats why so much people in there but Jakarta is the best city in my life because so many mall on there with many brands international."
Me : "Wow!,thats so interesting I hope you happy and enjoy here!"
He : "Yupp thanks!!" 


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